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SIR Journal Vol. 16 (2014)

  • Headliner: “Why Invest in American Leadership? - by Joseph R. Biden, Vice President of the United States of America
  • “Fitting In: The Case of Ethnic Russian Estonia” - by Brian Mund | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Need for Economic Engagement with North Korea” - by Matthew Prusak University of Southern California
  • “Burgeoning Grievances: An Explanation for the 2012-2013 Rise of Secessionist Sentiment in Catalonia″ - by Lucas Leblanc | College of William and Mary
  • “The Hashemites’ Headache: Syrian Refugees and Jordan’s National Security” - by Joslyn Hebda | Rhodes College
  • “Salvaging Greece: How to Make the European Union for Europe” - Jan Jaro | Northwestern University
  • “Coffee Price Shocks and Civil War Onset” - by Justin Epstein | New York University
  • “The Multinational in Brazil: Its Impact on Brazilian Democratization” - by Victoria Pisini | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Defining Democracy in Algeria: The Continuity and Change of Post-Colonial Political Representation’” - by Leilani Doktor | Duke University
  • “The Effects of Urbanization on Water Scarcity in Indian Slums” - Charity Jensen | University of California – Berkeley
  • “The Global Land Rush and China” - by  Claudia Acha | University of Pennsylvania
  • Graduate Corner: An “African Lion” Emerges: Post-Conflict Growth in Rwanda” – by Marina Tolchinsky | Johns Hopkins University
  • Graduate Corner: Human Bombs and Child Martyrs: The Transformation of Martyrs into Suicide Terrorists“- by Rachel Levin | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 15 (2013)

  • Headliner: Governance in a Global World” – by Pascal Lamy, Director-General, World Trade Organization
  • The Rise of the French National Front” -by Logan Finucan | Loyola University Chicago
  • Tribalism and Nationalism in Iraqi Kurdistan” -by Sam Gersetn | University of Pennsylvania
  • Embracing Borderlessness in Cyberspace” -by Jonathan Diamond | University of Pennsylvania
  • The Chinese, American, and Sudanese Oil Triangle” -by Sally Profeta | SUNY Geneseo
  • Rightwing Nationalists in Kapan and the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands” -by Maxine Zhang | University of Pennsylvania
  • Punishing Pariahs: The Efficacy of Economic Sanctions on Rogue States” -by Josh Kutz | Seattle University
  • UN Security Council Expansion: An Uncertain Future for U.S. Influence” -by Nataliya Langburd | Yale University
  • “Civil Society and Join Israeli-Palestinian Peace Efforts: The Question of ‘Normalization’” -by Eliezer Peltz | University of Pennsylvania
  • Chaos, Pure and Simple: Examining the Complexities of the 2001 Economic Crisis in Argentina” -by Samuel Maynard and Alexandria Todd | Monmouth University
  • The Luck of the Irish: Applying the Northern Ireland Peace Agreement to the Cases of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kashmir” -by Joseph Cloward | University of Pennsylvania
  • Ontological Security and the Responsibility to Protect: The United Kingdom and Rationalizing the 2011 Intervention in Libya” -by Stephen Christian | Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Ethnicity, Regime Type, and Civil Conflict” -by Arielle Newman | University of Utah

SIR Journal Vol. 14 (2012)

  • Headliner: “Advancing European Health Amidst Global Crisis” - by Dr. Margaret Chan, Director-General, World Health Organization
  • “The Human Right to H20: The Debate over Water Privatization” - by Madeline Christensen | Tufts University
  • “Secular Education: A Peace-building strategy in Afghanistan” - by Casandra Schneider | University of Georgia
  • “What happened to verification? Building a biological weapons convention, 1967-1972″ - by Harrison Monsky | Yale University
  • American Aid in Haiti: What motivates action?” - by Andrew Heinrich | Columbia University
  • “Breakdown of Authoritarian Rule: Egyptian and Tunisian Revolutions during the ‘Arab Spring’” - Allison Cantrell | Rhodes College
  • “Core vs. Periphery: Exploring the structure of economic integration with the Eurozone” - by Noah Rosenthal | The Wharton School
  • “Turkish-Israeli Relations: The unraveling of a remarkable alliance” - by Etan Raskas | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Fukushima Crisis and its effects on Japan’s nuclear relations” - by Andrew Ju | University of Southern California
  • “Failure to Launch: The curious case for the second Lebanon War” - James Mao | Swarthmore College
  • “Interests and power in the International Criminal Court: Strengthening international legal norms within a sovereign state system” - Alice Xie | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 13 (2011)

  • Headliner: “Preparing for the Next Generation of Leaders: Looking to the Future, Lessons from the Past”
    by José María Aznar | Former Prime Minister of Spain
  • “A Wary Dalliance: How Human RIghts Issues Heighten the Ambivalent Relationship between the United States and China”
    by Charmaine Hung | University of Pennsylvania
  • “A Game-Theory Analysis of US Efforts to Curb the Colombian Cocaine Trade”
    by Saumil Jariwala | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Iraq from 1972-1975: A Case-Study of Power Dynamics in the Cold War”
    by Anna Thiergartner | The George Washington University
  • “German Attitudes towards Islam and the Threat to Liberal Democracy”
    by David Stern | Tufts University
  • “Analyzing the Causes of the Suez War Through the Lens of Realism”
    by Morris Breitbart | Princeton University
  • “Senegal and Guinea: A Comparative Study of Democratic Success and Failures”
    by Jessica LeBlanc | University of New Hampshire
  • “HIV Crisis: Stigma and Social Inequalities”
    by Lorein Abenhaim | Syracuse University
  • “Why Neoliberalism? The Economic Reasoning behind Post-Apartheid South Africa”
    by Rachel Bonds | University of Georgia
  • “NGO and MNC Relationships in the Global Community”
    by Jenny Tai | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 12 (2010)

    • Headliner: “Wars of Necessity, Wars of Choice Reconsidered”
      by Richard Haass | President of the Council on Foreign Relations
    • “Baha’i Identity in Islamic Iran”
      by Alexandra Leavy | University of Pennsylvania
    • “Resistance and Popular Front: The Push for a National Communist Party in Italy and France”
      by Peter Ceretti | University of Pennsylvania
    • “Economic Sanctions: an Effective Tool for Influencing International Behavior in the Twenty-First Century”
      by JoAnna Tonini | University of Pennsylvania
    • “Biological Weapons and the Future of Biosecurity: Recommendations and Prevention and Nonproliferation”
      by Cory Siskind | Tufts University
    • “We’re Not in Hollywood Anymore: The Effects of Climate Change on Migration”
      by Amjad L. Asad | University of Wisconsin, Madison
    • “The U.S. Naval Question in Southeast Asia”
      by Brian Chao | Dartmouth College
    • “Czechoslovakia From Totalitarianism to Democracy: Difficulties in Transition”
      by Joshua C. Roberts | University of Pennsylvania
    • “Self-Determination, Secession, and Sovereignty: South Ossetia’s Claim to Right of External Self-Determination and International Law”
      by Irina Kotchach | University of Pennsylvania
    • “The Effect of Industrial Agriculture on the Health of Latin American Peasant Farming Communities”
      by Elena Blebea | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 11 (2009)

  • Headliner: “Securing Development”
    by Robert B. Zoellick | President of World Bank
  • “Catholic-Muslim Relations in Melilla: A Study of Changing Relations Following Spain’s Decisions to Join the European Community in 1985”
    by Jamie Albers | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Definitions of Integration: A Survey of the Socio-cultural Climate Surrounding Integration in Denmark”
    by Claire W. Bickel | Washington State University
  • “Domestic and Internatoinal Political Realities and the Creation of Hybrid War Crimes Tribunals: Case Studies of the SCSL and the ECCC”
    by Valerie Huber | Bradley University
  • “Hitching with the Hegemon: Arab State Bandwagoning, 1990 to the Present”
    by Kailash Srinivasan | University of California-Davis
  • “Feminism in Microfinance”
    by Emily Stuba | Bradley University
  • “Opportunity or Diversion: Venezuela’s Mobilization of Troops in the Andean Diplomatic Crisis”
    by Nich Welch | Tufts University
  • “Climate Change, Violence, and National Security: Hot Topics in a Warming World”
    by Jason Yeager | Tufts University

SIR Journal Vol. 10 (2008)

  • Headliner: Franklin L. Lavin | Former U.S. Ambassador to Singapore
  • “Brazil’s Contemporary Foreign Policy towards Africa”
    by Rachel Doelling | Loyola University Chicago
  • “The Berlin Connection: Locating German-Iranian Relations Within Current Understandings of Post-Unification German Foreign Policy”
    by Benjamin E. Power | University of Michigan
  • “Darfur, Sudan: The Question of Genocide”
    by Michael Zanchelli | James Madison University
  • “Understanding U.S. Withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol”
    by Kristin Sulewski | Michigan State University
  • “How to Rebuild: Understanding the Importance of Culture and Economics in Reconstruction Efforts in Iraq”
    by Nada Zodhy | Michigan State University
  • “US Foreign Policy and the Resurgence of Economic Sanctions”
    by Patrick E. Shea | Fordham University

SIR Journal Vol. 9 (2007)

  • “Particular Fragmentation in the Age of a New Globalization: An Opportunity for Deepened Democracy”
    by Joshua F. Frens-String | University of Michigan
  • “Mexico After NAFTA: A Qualified Success”
    by Evan Fain | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Terrorism, Extradition, and International Law”
    by Jeffrey Bean | James Madison University
  • “The Evolution of Westphalian Sovereignty”
    by Gabriel Fosson | Brigham Young University
  • “The Real Mexican Miracle”
    by Sarah Newberger | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Modernity and the Alevis of Turkey: Identity, Challenges, and Change”
    by Michael Stewart | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Microfinance: Part of the Solution For Haiti’s Pervasive Poverty”
    by Rebecca Busse | San Francisco State University
  • “North Korean Economic Sanctions”
    by Micah Kaplan | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 8 (2006)

  • Headliner: Richard A. Clarke “Two Sides of Globalization”
  • “Technology Transfer to Developing Nations: A Review of Frameworks in the Literature and the Proposal of a New Framework”
    by Clifford Jones | University of Pennsylvania
  • “A Rosier Future For ‘Rosas’: Crackdown on the Men Who ‘Own’ Them”
    by Monica Hortobagyi | Loyola University of Chicago
  • “Understanding Terrorism: A Political Response to a Social Phenomenon”
    by Dan Tavana | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Transnational Organized Crime: Its Globalized Roots and the Need for a Globalized Solution”
    by Kimberly Hsu | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Necessary Measures in Dealing with the Commercial Use of Outer Space”
    by Danielle Vasilescu | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Complex Humanitarian Crisis in Sudan: Context and Options”
    by Mark Robert Brennan | James Madison University
  • “The Nagas of India: A Struggle for Self-Determination”
    by Julia Nelson | Baylor University
  • “The Social Effects of the Asian Financial Crisis on Korea”
    by Kevin Lau | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Impact of Iran’s Bushehr Reactor on U.S.-Russian Relations and U.S. Policy Options”
    by Breck D. Heidlberg | University of South Carolina

SIR Journal Vol. 7 (2005)

  • “Joining the Club: Contemporary Identity Crisis in Turkey, Effects on EU prospects”
    by Charles Maffey | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Impasse or Opportunity? Relations between Iran and the United States”
    by Samier Ahsan Mansur | James Madison University
  • “Hamas and Violence: A Comparative Analysis of Islamist Movements”
    by Nathan Piper | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Islam and the Nation-State in Southeast Asia: The Defeat of Political Islam?”
    by Edward W. Wee | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Laos: A Study of the Last Dinosaur in Southeast Asia”
    by Robert Burritt | James Madison University
  • “Oppositional Politics in the Narmada Valley”
    by Eamon Lorincz | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Does External Income Really Result in State Autonomy?”
    by Neil F. Rudisill | University of Pennsylvania
  • “An Evaluation of U.S. Actions Along Its Southern Border: An Examination of International Legal Obligations”
    by Dillon M. Kuehn | University of Pennsylvania
  • “Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations: The Pashtunistan Frontier Dispute”
    by Megha Narayan | University of Pennsylvania

SIR Journal Vol. 6 (2004)

  • “Balancing Acts: A Comparative Look at National Security and Civil Liberties”
    by Kevin Cronin | Michigan State University
  • “An Analysis of the International Court of Justice’s Decision on the U.S. v. Iran (1979)”
    by Joseph H. Fitzgerald | Brigham Young University
  • “France: NATO or the EU”
    by Andrea Friesen | James Madison University
  • “The Economic Context for the North Korean Nuclear Program”
    by Joseph M. Kessel | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The International Criminal Court, International Criminal Law and State Sovereignty in the 21st Century”
    by Alexandre A. Adriano | University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
  • “U.S. Ratification of the International Criminal Court”
    by Kathryn Schiele | James Madison University
  • “Internal Migration and Subsidies in Norway”
    by Harald Havnen | University of Pennsylvania
  • “The Course of Political Development in Uganda and its Effects on Economic Development”
    by Kristin Leefers | Michigan State University
  • “China’s National Interests and International Agricultural Trade”
    by Sean J. Murphy | University of Pennsylvania
  • “On the Way to Development: A Comparative Study of Belarus & South Korea”
    by Maksim Piskunov | University of Pennsylvania